Behind The Bow: Fall Winter 2023-24 Collection

Designer Alexia María posing along with two women dressed in her designs. One women is dressed in a floor length long sleeve polka dot gown and the second women is dresses in a short sleeve polka dot gown and is wearing white evening gloves.
Join us behind the scenes of our Fall Winter 2023-24 Collection with founder and creative director, Alexia María.

“As the holiday season approaches, let this collection be your muse and reason to celebrate the beauty of self-expression and elegance. Admire it as portraits of art, where each piece tells a story of glamour and grace, just like the Hollywood icons who inspired it.”

- Alexia María


Where past meets present and classic meets contemporary, the Fall Winter 2023-24 Collection captures a modern portrait of timeless elegance and glamour. Drawing inspiration from the portraits of old Hollywood’s most glamorous style icons, the collection is an ode to their grace and femininity. Taking form in rich jewel tones with contrasting soft pastels and playful polka dots, each design is reimagined for the modern woman. From the most delicate details to the grandeur of oversized bows, the collection is a harmony of elegance and femininity with a modern twist.


Designer Alexia María, behind the scenes on the campaign shoot for her latest collection. She is on set, with two models and is adjusting one of the model's dress.

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