Timeless femininity with a modern twist


Alexia María is a luxury evening wear collection founded by Mexican designer Alexia María Esquer in 2014. Inspired by the golden age of film and fashion, Alexia María romanticizes a classic era with the purpose of reigniting the art of dressing up. Alexia María's designs reflect a bespoke approach to tailoring, lending a modern perspective to a timelessly feminine aesthetic. Her adoration of the original screen sirens from Hollywood and the French Riviera and beyond ignited a new approach to effortless sophistication. 

Creatively, we believe that beauty begins with simplicity and precision in tailoring. We believe that craftsmanship equates to artistry. We want to provide women with classic, yet modern functional pieces that will outlast any trend.

Today, Alexia María operates predominantly as a made-to-order brand, allowing it’s clientele to experience a truly intimate shopping experience online. In addition to it's online presence, you may shop the collections in person at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and the Neiman Marcus Bridal Salon.



Born and raised in Mexico, Alexia María’s love for fashion began at an early age. Growing up she spent much of her childhood in her grandmother’s atelier where she learned the design process and importance of detailed craftsmanship. She developed a passion for design, designing and wearing her own creations. Enamored with haute couture and the original fashion icons of the 1950s, she favored structured silhouettes and appreciated the challenge to always achieve a carefully tailored look inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. 

With an inclination for the golden era of glamour, Alexia Maria launched her namesake brand and made-to-order collection in 2014 with a mission to share classic, sophisticated and elegant evening wear. With her flagship boutique in La Jolla, the brand quickly became a favorite amongst women looking for feminine pieces to elevate their wardrobe. In 2018 Alexia Maria opened her first boutique on the East Coast, in New York City’s upper east side.

"Creatively, we believe that beauty begins with simplicity and precision in tailoring. We believe that craftsmanship equates to artistry and that quality is the only everlasting trend."